Please read all information carefully.

A limited number of tickets for the upcoming Phish shows are now being offered through our secure online ticketing system via a ticket request period.  

12/28/13 Madison Square Garden New York, NY $65.00 *GA Floor and Reserved Seating
12/29/13 Madison Square Garden New York, NY $65.00 *GA Floor and Reserved Seating
12/30/13 Madison Square Garden New York, NY $65.00 *GA Floor and Reserved Seating
12/31/13 Madison Square Garden New York, NY $75.00 *GA Floor and Reserved Seating

**Note: the GA Floor will be divided into an area at the front of the arena closest to the stage and an area at the back half of the arena.
If you are selected for GA Floor tickets you may receive tickets in either the GA Front or GA Rear areas.

You may request up to four tickets per show. For more information on these shows, please click here.

We will ONLY accept requests for these tickets during a THIRTEEN-DAY PERIOD.

The request time ends: Monday, October 7th at Noon, EDT 

All requests, regardless of when they are placed, are treated equally in the system. You can request tickets to one or more shows, but your entire ticket request for all shows must be placed at one time

There is a limit of one ticket request per credit card.  As a security measure, Phish Tickets will accept only one unique credit card number for each ticket request. If you attempt to place additional ticket requests with the same credit card number, all requests will be rejected. In addition, we will be filtering out multiple ticket requests made by the same person at the same billing address using different credit cards. Attempts to make multiple ticket requests by the same person at the same address may result in a low priority assignment or even rejection of your requests.

Allotments and notifications  

Our allotment of tickets for each show is limited, so we may not be able to fulfill every request that we receive. You will be notified of your order status prior to the public on-sale date. All notifications will be sent via email to the email address you provide in your ticket request. If we are able to fulfill your ticket request, we will charge the total amount due to your credit card at that time.

Our allotment of tickets includes all levels of seat quality from front row to behind the stage or on the lawn. You will not know your seat locations until after your order is finalized and it is non-refundable.

Fees and Shipping  

If you are selected for 12/28-12/30 tickets you will be charged a $5.85 convenience fee for each ticket purchased. If you are selected for 12/31 tickets you will be charged a $6.15 convenience fee for each ticket purchased. In addition, all tickets will be shipped within the continental US via UPS Expedited, and you will be charged a $11.50 shipping fee per order. Tickets shipped outside the continental US and Canada will be shipped via UPS International at a charge specific to the region to which the tickets are being shipped.

Packages may not be sent to a PO Box, and ticket requests with incorrect or no shipping information will not be processed. Tickets will begin shipping December 6th, 2013. If your request is granted, you can expect your tickets to ship approximately 3 weeks prior to the first show on your order.

Pre-order LivePhish CDs with your ticket request

LivePhish.com CDs are available for pre-order for every show of the tour. Prior to the show, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your order at LivePhish.com. Please note: If you pre-order a Live Phish CD with your ticket request, you will only be charged for that item if your ticket request is successful for that particular show. If you do receive tickets to the show(s) you ordered via Phish Tickets, your CD pre-order will charged in a separate transaction than your tickets. If you do not elect to pre-order a CD now, you will still have the opportunity to purchase the audio at LivePhish.com at a later date. 


Phish Tickets has a zero tolerance for scalping and insists that all patrons of our service abide by our policy stated herein. Tickets made available through this site are intended only for fans who are actually planning on attending the shows requested. It is strictly prohibited to resell any tickets obtained through Phish Tickets for more than the purchase price. If you are found to be reselling, trading or brokering tickets that you purchased through our site for profit, Phish Tickets may at its discretion cancel your ticket order and all other pending orders in your name. This cancellation will result in a refund of the total price for the tickets minus a $7.00 per ticket processing fee and any shipping fees that have been incurred with respect to the order. We reserve the right to investigate all orders suspected to be in violation of this policy. 

We urge you not to purchase tickets through brokers or "scalpers." These tickets may be counterfeit in which case you will not only be overcharged but will also likely be denied entry into the show. 

For Customer Service issues or questions, please email Phishtickets@musictoday.com. We will answer all e-mails in a timely and personal manner. Please send only one e-mail in a 24 hour period. Please note, that due to the high volume of requests we will not be able to make changes to your order once it has been processed. Queries not related directly to customer service issues will be disregarded.

Types of Ticket Requests  

Depending on how a particular venue is configured there may be several types of ticket requests that you may choose for a given show.

For the New Years run at Madison Square Garden the following ticket request types are available:

Thank you for visiting Phish Tickets, and good luck with your ticket request!

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